Six benefits of using a reducer on the motor

    Date: 2022-11-20

    The reducer is an important part of the mechanical transmission system and is a mechanically important part for changing the speed and output torque.

    Now, the number of reducer can be seen in various fields of machinery, transportation, construction, machinery, etc. The advantages of using the reducer on the motor are as follows:

    1. Use the reducer to effectively keep the motor
    In operation, the gearbox accepts more torque. When overloaded, as long as the overload is divided by the value of the reduction ratio, it is transmitted to the motor.

    2, save the cost of use
    When the overload is very large, the speed reducer is destroyed first, and only the spare parts need to be replaced to restore the normal operation of the reducer. The cost is relatively low, and if the direct damage to the motor is relatively slow to repair, the cost is also high.

    3, effectively reduce the moment of inertia
    The reducer can control start and stop and shift speed in time. After the reducer is increased, the torque is equivalent to increasing the input power, which can reduce the power required to input the motor (where the speed is needed). In general, the motor is more expensive than the reducer, so consider using a reducer.

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    4, can effectively save energy
    Use the reducer to meet the motor output torque and current requirements.

    5, can effectively reduce the motor speed, increase torque
    The reducer can be based on the corresponding multiplication and reduction ratio of the motor output.

    6. Effectively reduce the load inertia of the motor.
    The numerical inertia is the square of the reduction ratio, and the different motor inertia values are different.

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