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Dongye Transmission professional reducer transmission equipment manufacturers: reducer, winch winch, rotary reducer, hydraulic transmission, planetary reducer.

DT Series

DT series hydraulic transmission device has high transmission torque, high starting efficiency, good stability at low speed, and can withstand large radial and radial axial forces, low noise and good economic performance.

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DFT-T Series

The pure friction dampers aim at smooth the process of opening and closing of lids and the vibration dampers aim at preventing damage to machine , as well as keep application in a steady workflow that is gentle on the material.

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DFB Series

DFB series rotary reducers are widely used in excavators, pavers, drilling rigs, mobile crushers, construction machinery, coal mines, tunnel machinery, agricultural machinery and other equipment.

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It is widely used in industries such as electric control machines, shield machines, wind energy, aerial work vehicles, concrete pump trucks, mixers, rescue trucks and other industries.


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The reducer is an important part of the mechanical transmission system and is a mechanically important part for changing the speed and output torque.


The hydraulic transmission system has the advantages of small size, light weight, large specific power, stable operation, stepless speed regulation


The prime mover drives the centrifugal pump to rotate, sucks the liquid through the inlet pipe, and is accelerated in the centrifugal pump to obtain kinetic energy.